Tigi Fashionista Shampoo

I usually hate washing my hair or taking showers in general. I’m kind of a hippy. I prefer just going natural. When I do shower, I usually was my hair since it doesn’t make sense to wash my entire body and not wash my hair. I used Tigi fashionista shampoo and it was way too posh for me. I like the natural products way more. I’ve used really good olive oil to clean my hair. I received average results from olive oil. I don’t mind just not washing my hair, but other people seem to get upset when I go long periods of time without showering.

Apparently, I start to smell bad, but to be honesty, I don’t care if I smell. I would prefer to just be around other people who don’t shower. All these really posh preppy like to use fancy shampoos like tigi fashionista shampoo. For a natural girl like me I don’t think I am really the market they are looking to reach. I don’t wear makeup or take a lot of selfies. I really don’t like any basic stuff that women are into these days. Walking around in nature and being grounded are much more important to me. I think for girls who like tigi fashionista shampoo likes on instagram are more important than seeing a sunset. Nature is so beautiful, but so many people just post picture of nature to get likes on social media. Our generation cares way too much about social media, it’s gross. Why do people care more about likes on social media than about being in touch with their own emotions and self worth. People base their their self-worth off of likes on social media, and then we wonder why so many people have low self-worth. Teenage suicide rates are at some of the highest in documented history. I think you can directly link this to social media. These poor teenage girls compare themselves to all these girls on instagram with filters and a pound of makeup on their faces. Then these poor girls compare themselves to a beauty image that is attainable naturally or even in real life.

I think companies try and profit off of these insecurities. Companies like tigi fashionista shampoo will tell you their product will make you more beautiful and other nonsense. No products will make you more beautiful or get you more likes on social media. The problem today is that these things don’t really matter. Basing your self-worth on social media is a huge problem in society today. People need to become more grounded more accepting of who they are and not compare themselves to other people. Especially because most people are comparing themselves to fake people. The use of filters and too much makeup is making unrealistic beauty standards for teenage girls. Companies like tigi fashionista shampoo bank on women doubting their beauty and hope to make money off of it. That’s why i use natural products that are cheaper and better for the environment.

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