Secrets of Couples Who Have Been Married 40 Years

In his most recent comedy special, 2017, comedian Louis CK brings up couples who have been married for 60 years, and the fact that people love those stories: “Aw…. Isn’t that automatically wonderful? But how do you know? You just know how long it’s been.” We need to put things on the table here. Being married 40+ doesn’t automatically mean it is a healthy, happy marriage. Not by a long shot. Now, regarding those who do have a healthy marital relationship after 40+ years, there are some quick tips: – No man is a n island? Wrong! Every man or woman is indeed an island. You need to treat your partner as a tourist, a visitor to your personal island. They don’t speak the language, and they don’t know their way around. This means that it is on you to let them know the locals rules, customs, laws, and regulations. Don’t expect anyone to just get it. Not gonna happen without some work at both ends. – Don’t expect your relationship to fill needs which are entirely your responsibility. A relationship can help you develop your personality and personal philosophy, but don’t make the mistake of putting all of your eggs in that basket. You are not here to ‘fix’ anyone but yourself. Don’t expect your partner to sort you out, or to fill emotional or physical voids which you yourself have created. – Understand that tolerating things – as opposed to treating them with love and openness – can easily lead to resentment, bitterness, hate, and suffering. Don’t silently tolerate things you don’t like about each other, or about your kids for that matter. Don’t expect your partner to simply tolerate you or your innate imperfections, just because you are flawed human beings. You should be brutally honest with each other, despite that. Obviously, choose the right time and place, be sensitive to circumstances, and watch what you say, but definitely say something. Otherwise, your home, your relationship, your kids – they will become your own personal hell.

Louis CK has taken some heat in the wake of the #MeToo movement because he masturbated in front of female employees who worked under him. Something that is definitely not ok to do. He has made a bit of a comeback in recent days. He had another comedy special, which was well received. It was not received well by the feminist community but that is likely because they were never fans of his work to begin with, he was always crude and critical of feminists. Following the masturbation incident and the #MeToo movement in general there was no back tracking and gaining any feminist fans. Not that he was ever really looking to gain any feminist fans to begin with since he doesn’t really seem like the type of guy who cares if he looses fans due to his content.

He did lose some fans for sexually harassing someone, he actually talks about it during his new special. He says he took a trip to France because everyone in America hated him. Had to give the entire country time to cool off before he could return.

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